Less than Zero is biggest rock band in the world.

Their rise was meteoric.

Everything they could ever want or dream about is at their disposal.

Everybody wants them.

Or, at least something from them.

  • Ty, the gorgeous, tortured, sexy singer with the 8-octive range.
  • Zane, the carefree guitar virtuoso with a heart of gold.
  • Jace, the playboy drummer and social media guru.
  • Connor, the big, burly bassist who silently takes care of all of them.

One by one, each of them fall for beautiful, feisty women who are smart enough to pursue their own dreams, strong enough to stand up for what’s right, and passionate enough to bring them to their knees.

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Endless, A Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance

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Endless – Book 1

Tyson Rainier had only one way out – leading his band Less than Zero (LTZ) to the top. 

Stardom, success, touring the world – all his dreams were about to come true until Zoey Pearson gave him a new dream. And passion beyond anything he thought possible.

But absolutely nothing could have prepared him for it to end. Abruptly. Definitively. Crushingly.

His songs of heartbreak made LTZ the biggest band in the universe, as Ty does anything he can to put the life he had with Zoey behind him.

Beautiful bookworm Zoey Pearson’s love for music led her to Ty. The gorgeous, sweet rocker was made for her.

But when the man he trusted most told her to break it off, she did. The only way she could, destroying them both.

Now he’s the hottest rockstar in the world because of the songs that eviscerated her.

And while Ty’s fully immersed in a life of excess and debauchery Zoey doesn’t even recognize him as the man she loved more than anything in the world.

When circumstances throw them together eight years later, the fireworks are explosive. 

But their hearts are fragile. 

Will Ty forgive Zoey for nearly destroying him? Or will Ty’s past actually come back to destroy her?

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Free-spirited travel influencer Alex LeRoux is ready for the European trip of a lifetime. When fate puts her backstage with the drummer of her favorite group, she locks the striking, blond-haired musician in her sights. After she finally persuades her longtime crush to spend one seductive night together, what should have been just a steamy hookup leaves her heart aching for more.

Percussionist Jace Deveraux is used to women throwing themselves at his feet. When the gorgeous girl he friend-zoned tempts him with a rendezvous he can’t refuse, he assumes it will be another fun one-night stand. But as his social media marketing smarts propels the band to far-flung reaches of the globe, he can’t get their red-hot attraction out of his mind.

Her jet-set high-profile lifestyle brings Alex back into the irresistible musician’s orbit. In their trysts all around the globe, she’s torn between following her ambition or sacrificing her goals and succumbing to their undeniable spark. When Jace is ready to give the lovely influencer his all, a past mistake threatens to ruin any chance of a passion-filled future.

Will fate knock love’s beat off-rhythm, or will their destined desires result in a spectacular encore?

Limitless is the second spicy standalone novel in the Less Than Zero rockstar romance series. If you like searing desire, glamorous locations, and connections that linger through time, then you’ll adore Alex and Jace’s journey.

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