Someone asked me the other day if Endless was about me and my husband. No, not really. If you have read Endless and any of my blogs, you’ll know that the story was concocted for the first time when I was in high school.

While the book isn’t about me, I thought I’d give you a few “easter eggs” of things that are actually true and/or where the references have come from:


Be FonzieIn my “day” job, I’m the owner of my own legal practice. Just because we work mostly with tech and media companies doesn’t mean there isn’t drama. We’re negotiating deals, helping strategize, etc. My “go-to” catch phrase – and I know this dates me – is “Be Fonzie” – which means stay cool. My office manager actually got me a picture of the Fonz and taped the words “Be Fonzie” to it – it hangs in my office. Zoey’s dad coins the phrase in the book, and you’ll see how it migrates to the rest of the folks—


While the books are fiction, one scene (although it has been updated) from the original book is Alex and Zoey getting ready to go to the club. When my cousin read ENDLESS she called me immediately and said that she knew that she could picture me and my best friend as teenagers going through the same process.


Ty’s Amethyst Black McClaren is one of his few over-the-top indulgences. The story behind that particular car is: my husband is a HUGE car guy. He loves them. He likes looking at them. Test driving them. Owning them. He’s always trying to convince me that he needs a Ferrari. When I saw this particular car on the McClaren Dealership in Palm Springs, I told him “that is the car I’d be on board with.” It is baaaaad-ass. So we are saving our pennies, LOL.


Ty purchases his first house in West Seattle. Little known fact: most of the real Seattle rock stars used to live in West Seattle. It is where I live and it is an amazing community. We get the most beautiful sunsets, have the only sandy beach in Seattle, and everything you need is here. Where else would Ty live?
I’ll try to share some easter eggs on occasion. Have a great week. Next week – some exciting news—.

Kaylene Winter

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