LTZ Fans, it’s time for Limitless! Limitless will be released on October 9, 2020 on Amazon exclusively for now, and I’m really, really excited for you to read Jace & Alex’s love story. You’ll see a ton of new graphics going up here on the website, on social media and by this time next week, you’ll get to see the gorgeous Jace Deveraux.


For me, Alex was the most organic character I’ve written so far. Why? Because she was inspired by my very best friend, adventurer, lover of live, beacon of light and one of the strongest women I know. She is gorgeous and funny and kind. Out of nearly everyone I’ve ever known in my life, she’s always had a sense of who she is (and who she isn’t) even at a young age. She’s a world traveller and— wait, she IS ALEX!

Jace is a really good looking dude. Committed to his band and eager to contribute, he is one of the main reasons for LTZ’s success. He’s a social media wizard who manages to capture a trend and capitalize on it. He’s also a guy who isn’t looking for a serious relationship, and hides behind friends-with-benefits so he doesn’t have to open up. Mainly because, as a guy with a bunch of sisters, he knows if he falls in love it will be for good.


Limitless - Cover Reveal!In many ways, Limitless is the other side of the coin to Ty & Zoey’s story. Zoey and Alex are best friends, they met the band at the same time – but their path to a HEA is drastically different. Without giving anything away (and trust me – you don’t want me to) you will go on a worldwide adventure with this jet-setting couple, and the ending will hopefully not only surprise but delight you—

Enough teasing, Limitless is up for preorder now:

I will be sending out ARC copies on September 18, 2020 so if you haven’t signed up to be an ARC reader do that here:

Kaylene Winter

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