Strong Women

When I set out to create the LTZ world, it has been vitally important to me to spend a lot of time developing layers to my female characters.

It’s critical.

Complicated Women

As women, we are often put in boxes. We are sexy. Or smart. Or sassy. Or bitchy. Or cold. Or – well insert any adjective you like.

The thing is, we are all of these things at times.

Fantasy Women

Romance worlds are fantasies – and in the LTZ world, Ty & Zoey’s love story starts out as the ultimate female fantasy. You go to a rock show. The lead singer picks you out of the crowd and it turns out he’s your soulmate. The end.


Awesome Women

Zoey is beautiful, for sure. She’s smart and once she sets her sights on a goal stops at nothing to achieve it. She’s also unapologetically sexual. She loves Ty with her whole soul. She’s extremely resilient. But she’s also a bit of a martyr and her high emotions – at least in the beginning – lead her to make choices that she stubbornly adheres to until it doesn’t work for her anymore.

Like all of us, Zoey is flawed. But her flaws make her human and lovable.


Literary Heroine

Who is your favorite literary heroine and why?

Kaylene Winter

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