Before any author takes the step of putting pen to paper (or in my case, writing on my laptop at night after a full day of work), there has to be inspiration.

Today I want to give some special thanks to people who have been there throughout my journey.


Two of my very best friends are the inspirations for Alex and Ronni. I won’t name names because what would be the fun in that. They know who they are.

Alex inspiration has been my best friend since I was three and she was four, we grew up together and are still as close now as we were then. When we were teenagers we went to concerts together and yes – the scene in ENDLESS where Alex and Zoey get ready to go to the concert could have been taken from my own life. She has read every iteration of the book, provided encouragement and feedback, and basically is the best friend a girl could ever have.

Ronni inspiration (this is FEARLESS, which I hope to release in March) has also been my friend since I was young. We got into a ton of trouble together in high school, which in retrospect was pretty tame. There may have been a joyride in an MG… I can’t express how supportive she and her family have been to me over these months. And there’s more to come on this, so stay tuned.


I thought I’d give a huge shout out to three women who really have been the pillars behind making me a “real” author.

First is the incredible Grace Bradley. She is my editor extraordinaire and gives me critical feedback on my writing. I can’t tell you how important the editing process is, and if you ever decide to write a book – do not skimp on this. I would laugh my ass off at some of her comments – but she was always right and always kind.

Second is the phenomenal Regina Wamba. She is my cover artist and also photographer. Her artistic eye is spectacular, and she’s super cool too. As I mentioned before, we were all set to have big, huge photo shoot with all of LTZ in May. But COVID. She’s adapted with me and I bombard her with Instagram photos of gorgeous long-haired men that will serve as inspiration for future books. And yes, we will be doing a new photo shoot soon – with all the guys.

Finally, the reason you are getting this newsletter is because of my website and newsletter designer, Sherri Kiarsis. I love working with Sherri so much – she gets my vision, is fast and efficient and always is positive. We have some fun and big plans for getting more content out to you – and it will look AMAZING because she rocks that much.

Thank you so much amazing women – the world is a better place with all of you in it. I adore each and every one of you.

Kaylene Winter

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