All of the Less Than Zero worlds are set in my beautiful, flawed city of Seattle, Washington. I’m a native Washingtonian, growing up in a suburb of Seattle before moving to the big city for college at University of Washington (go Huskies!) and then adulting my whole life here.

I’ve had job opportunities in many other cities over the years, but I could never bear leaving my native Seattle. We have mountains, water, lakes, gorgeous greenery, and the Space Needle!

Plus, where else would I set a Rock Star Romance novel than in the iconic music city of Seattle.


Tales from the CityThe fictional venue the “Mission” is the music venue where LTZ gets its start. While there is no Mission, it was based on a combination of a few different venues that have either changed significantly or are no longer open. A special shout out to RKCNDY, the iconic venue that I personally booked back in the early 90’s. The Central Tavern, located in Pioneer Square where Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Mother Love Bone got their start, the Off Ramp, where some of the scenes from Singles (the movie starring Matt Damon and Bridget Fonda) were shot, and of course the OK Hotel, which was really the only all-ages venue at the time.


Ty launches his foundation with the help of his LTZ bandmates at the top of the Space Needle. Recently, the iconic landmark went through some really cool renovations and the entire observation deck has a glass floor. This means you can stand anywhere on the deck and look all the way from the top of the needle to the ground, which gives you amazing views of the MoPOP museum, Chihuly Glass and the Pacific Science Center. Their show was inspired by a special event the band Alice in Chains did a few years back for Sirius.


I’ve lived in many neighborhoods throughout Seattle, but my favorite is West Seattle where I’ve resided for the past 20 years (WOW! That is shocking even for me). Of course, this is where Ty bought his house, and I will say that a LOT of musicians from back in the day live in this very diverse and big area of the city.

I hope you enjoy getting a little of info from “behind the scenes” – let me know what you think!

Kaylene Winter

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