This Thanksgiving I want to focus on the magnitude of blessings that I’ve had in a year of turmoil. It would be easy to get lost in the drama of the Presidential election or the horrors of COVID. I’m always a glass is half full kind of gal, and feel like in many ways this has been one of my best years in terms of growth and acceptance.

Today, I want to talk about all of the people I’m thankful for.

Thanksgiving BlessingsFRIENDS AND FAMILY

My husband is my rock. He’s a very manly man, is a builder and can fix anything. He’s Irish, so he’s funny, witty and loves a good banter. What most people don’t know about him is that he’s the silliest, sweetest, most sentimental and loving man. He’s the one who has encouraged me to pursue this creative outlet of writing Rockstar Romances and I’m grateful that he gave me this gift.

S&K: My two muses, the inspirations behind Alex and Ronni. Both of you also have encouraged me ever step of the way. You’ve been my beta readers. My cheerleaders and all around sounding board about literally every single thing about this author journey.


Grace: My editor extraordinaire. You humbled me in such a good way and I’m a better writer because of it. I’m so excited to send FEARLESS to you in just a few short days.

Mari: My first author friend and supporter. You gave me something that I needed, and that was validation. I’ve been such a great fan of yours for so many years, I’m grateful for your friendship, support and encouragement.

Regina: I stalked you and made you my photographer and creative director in many ways. We have a really fun collaboration coming up and OMG I cannot believe all of the hotness that will be in one room. Thank you for creating such wonderful book covers, and giving me Jace.

Beth & Anna: You two were the first to read ENDLESS and really get what I was trying to do. You’ve become invaluable friends and sounding boards in my LESS THAN ZERO journey, and you’re both awesome to boot.

Rock Star Romance Sisters: I’m thrilled to be included in this new group because I’ve admired all of you for so long. I can’t wait for all of the awesomeness to be unleashed upon Rock Star Romance fans.


A special thank you to all of the bloggers and readers who have loved ENDLESS AND LIMITLESS. I’m so excited for 2021 to bring you more from the LTZ world. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Kaylene Winter

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