I’ve always loved dudes with long hair, even from an early age it was my thing. When I started writing Endless, I kept a “look board” for all of the characters in the book, which helped me really immerse myself in the story. Ty is dreamy, right???

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Sexy Long Hair

Back to the long-haired gentlemen discussion. To me, there’s something already inherently romantic about a gorgeous man with flowing hair. There’s the sexy, dangerous factor, but also the underlying sensitivity. A man with long hair is a poet, he’s independent. Perhaps even a scoundrel.

Taming an Alpha

Then he meets the girl that “tames” him – the most exquisite mix of beauty and strength. The one woman he can’t live without, but she makes him work for it. And he does so with honor and respect, even if he has to learn a few things on the road to true love.

Complicated Musician

Writing Ty was complicated. I feel that any great romance novel has a strong, alpha male. In some romance novels, I find “alpha” males are very one-dimensional, and I wanted to show how Ty always had it in him – but also how he evolved into the man Zoey deserved him to be.

Becoming Famous

When musicians are on the road and become more and more famous, suddenly there is an entire ecosystem that is required. In the beginning, the entire focus is on how to get their music to the masses. If they are successful, at some point, roadies and maybe a manager are brought onto the team. And gradually, more and more people hop on the bus.

In the fictional world of Endless, with the explosive worldwide success of LTZ, you see how over time more and more people are needed to keep the machine running.


Another thing that happens when a musician becomes famous is they literally can’t do anything for themselves without attracting attention. Have you ever seen someone famous eating with their family? It’s hard to resist taking a selfie or maybe even asking for an autograph. Imagine that times ten.


The thing is, most times musicians are humble and have a hard time adjusting to being recognized everywhere they go. In recent years, with social media, it’s even more daunting. It’s a weird dichotomy of chasing fame and then trying to recapture your life outside of it.

In other words, it can take years to settle into the “new normal” that Ty comes to terms with in the book.

Kaylene Winter

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