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June 26, 2020 is my very first release day! Which means that I’m officially a published romance novelist.

The experience of writing Ty & Zoey’s story has been an evolution. From “can I really do this” to “I’m doing it” to “I did it” …and that was just the beginning! The respect I have for self-published authors has gone up dramatically after learning how to interact with Amazon, GoodReads, BookBub, establish social media and all of the other things that go into letting people know about your book.

Lead Singer

Rather than devolve into those details, why don’t I tell you about Ty & Zoey. Ty, to me, is my absolute embodiment of the lead singer fantasy. He’s gorgeous, of course (just look at him!) but he’s smart, outrageously talented (without any ego), kind, considerate and has overcome a terrible childhood through sheer grit and determination to succeed. Yet, he’s flawed. It’s not that easy to trust that someone loves you when you’ve never really known love. It’s even worse when the person you open yourself up to smashes your heart to pieces, and you don’t understand why.


Zoey’s physical beauty is secondary to her selflessness, inner strength, confidence and intellect. She’s not insecure, but she’s self-aware enough to know that she isn’t the typical girl that most extroverted musicians would be attracted to. When she and Ty fall in love, her devotion to Ty and her willingness to put his needs above hers cause ripples in their lives for years.

Love At First Sight

Ty & Zoey fell in love at first sight and knew they were meant for each other. Their love story is about growing up, trust, accountability, forgiveness and ultimately…redemption. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Kaylene Winter

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