When I began this journey over a year ago, I looked up to so many rockstar romance authors. Four in particular are: Jaine Diamond, Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott, Carian Cole, and Crystal Kaswell. Their books and characters are so realistic and compelling. The interconnectivity of the books was thrilling to me – I still can’t wait when any one of these authors release a new book. I drop whatever I’m doing and read it!

Loving these amazing authors led me to so many other amazing rockstar romance authors like Lisa Suzanne, Piper Lawson, Kacey Shea, and Michelle Mankin. It was so cool to be able to expand my library with more rockstar romance awesomeness.

The common thread among all of these authors is that while the premise is a “rock star” in the romance, there are so many other elements that make them wonderful reads no matter what genre you prefer:

  • Intricate storytelling
  • Excellent writing
  • Interesting plotting
  • Amazing character development
  • Realistic dialogue
  • Pace
  • And that all important cool-factor.

Today I feel like the actress who is nominated for their first award and sees Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Kate Winslet and Viola Davis next to their name. That’s how awesome what I’m about to tell you is…

All of us have collaborated to bring you NINE FREE BOOKS!!!

That’s right – if you’re looking for a rock star book boyfriend while you wait out the next few weeks until Timeless is released, I have nine free books for you! That’s nine smoking hot rock stars for zero pennies!  Here are the links!!!

As always, I hope you’re having an amazing week. The next coming weeks I’m going to hit you with so much good stuff it will make your head spin. In the meantime, please try anyone of these books by my fellow rockstar romance author friends.

RESTLESS: A Carter and Lianne Novella

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