After a whirlwind two weeks, Endless charted on the Rock Music Book chart over the weekend.

I can’t tell you how thrilling it to know that readers are enjoying Endless. The reviews are really making my day. After over a year of writing, editing, proofing, beta-reading and finally releasing my “baby” into the world, to know that it is resonating is mind-blowing.

Book Bloggers

Reviews, reviews and more amazing reviews for ENDLESS!I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some new people both in the blogging community and fellow author community – and I couldn’t have had such a great start without help and encouragement. I’d like to provide two shoutouts to women I didn’t know until Endless was released into the world.

Mari Carr

First is New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author Mari Carr. I’ve been such a huge fan of Mari for years, devouring each book the minute it’s released. My favorite series of hers is the Wild/Wilder Irish collection of stories set in an Irish pub in New England. I reached out via email to a few of my favorite authors, and Mari responded and basically took me under her wing – even allowing me to post to her fans on her own release day to promote Endless. Wow. Please follow her on Amazon here: and here is her website where you can find all of her books:

Awesome Review

The second is a wonderful woman I met on GoodReads who is also a huge rockstar romance fan. She really “got” Endless, and so for the rest of this blog I want to just share her review:

BC Booklover

5.0 out of 5 stars

💙 Endless rockstar love, yum! 🦋

Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2020

“Have you ever found a new author, not just ‘new to you’, but first book ever new and were totally WOWED by what you were reading? Well, rockstar romance lovers, this is a treat you’ll want to discover!!! I can’t get this exciting story or these lovable characters out of my head and I wouldn’t want to anyway. I may have gone a wee bit crazy highlighting pages so I could go back and read my favorite parts all over again. I still can’t believe this is the work of a brand new just blows mind.

Kaylene Winter has managed to get all my attention with her flowing and addictive writing style, nailing the beauty and awe of tender young love with a flick of her talented fingers. Her fated characters melted my heart – sweet, funny and somewhat bookwormish, Zoey Pearson- a huge music lover and Ty/Tyson Rainier, a bit awkward, unknowingly gorgeous- a reluctant lead singer with a one of a kind voice. He and his band brothers, LTZ, have been playing the Seattle bar scene for a while now and are about to break out…ready and waiting for their rise to stardom. Zoey couldn’t imagine why he looked her way, but together, these two soulmates were racing hearts, gentle touches and hoping with everything they had, to live the dream of forever.

My heart spent some time living in my throat as I read along, while the angsty ups and downs of all consuming first love embedded themselves under my skin. The intensity of Zoey and Ty’s emotions, her selfless sacrifices and their collective pain, sometimes had me reaching for the tissues as their story began to unfold. Moments of humor, strength, determination balanced out the raw edges, with love always waiting underneath it all. I hung onto every word as they wrapped themselves around me…this was my kind of book perfection and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Zoey and Ty’s heartfelt romance may singe your kindles with all that super sexiness that couldn’t help swirling around them.. an added bonus, in my opinion! Endless is a phenomenal beginning in what promises to be a ‘to die for’ new series that will continue on as each member of the fabulous chart topping band- Less Than Zero, gets their own stories, hopefully with happily ever afters, while grabbing another piece of my rockstar loving heart!

The iconic city of Seattle, where music and this author call home, turned out to be a star attraction all its own in this unforgettable story. I will look forward to seeing more of it, along with my new favorite book couple, the swoontastic Ty Rainier and his sweet, beautiful butterfly, the love of his life, Zoey Pearson.

Can you tell, I really have to recommend this one? This poignant story broke my heart but then pieced it back together again, checking all my boxes along the way…what more can you ask for in a romance!”

Kaylene Winter

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