New Release- Amazon Best Seller!

Early reviews are in, and I’m so thrilled that my ARC readers are loving LIMITLESS. What is super exciting is that LIMITLESS is already an Amazon Best Seller, thank you so much everyone!  It just makes me so pumped to write more stories in the LTZ world.

Real Life Best Friends

As readers already know, both ENDLESS and LIMITLESS are super steamy, angsty, fun HEA love stories. One of my favorite parts of both books is the friendship between Zoey and Alex… and coming soon, Ronni.

I’ve often been asked if I’m Zoey – and the answer is no. Just like my friends are not Alex and Ronni—exactly. BUT! There are definitely some things that are very similar.

Here’s some tea:

When I wrote my first Rockstar romance, I had two BFF’s who – like me – were obsessed with music and musicians. They are who I read my typewritten pages to every night on my Snoopy phone. The are also the “inspirations” for Alex and Ronni.

  • I loved David Lee Roth and Daniel Ash of Love & Rockets, SR my BFF from the time I was 3 and she was 4 loved Jim Morrison (she loved classic rock) and KT, my Jr. High/High school BFF loved Adam Ant and Prince.
  • We would actually dress up like the guys we liked and go to the Tacoma Mall every weekend.
  • Unlike Zoey, I was a wild child and would sneak out of the house and go to parties and to see concerts.
  • SR and I would pretend we were spending the night at each other’s houses and go stay with her cousin who was on the crew for an up-and-coming metal band from Seattle.
  • KT and I had a couple of hair-raising adventures of our own.
  • The scenes of Alex and Zoey getting ready to go to the Mission were, as my cousin told me, exactly how she remembered it.
  • As adult, SR and I did NOT marry rock stars but I did work for many of them.
  • SR and I are HUGE animal lovers and really want to start a horse rescue at some point with another rock friend of mine whose husband is an equine vet.
  • KT was a model and did marry a musician/producer/director who is very well known.
  • SR was my first friend to develop the travel bug, and she and I have been to Europe together a couple of times.
  • SR and KT have been my beta readers, my support network and true encouragers of me following my dream to bring these Rocker Romances to life – and to you!


Truthfully, writing Alex and Jace’s story was easier and more lighthearted than writing ENDLESS. It flowed – mainly because I had a better idea of what I was doing. Also, the time it takes to set up a series is reflected in the details of ENDLESS and I was able to build on that in LIMITLESS.

For example, in ENDLESS I had to outline who each of the characters were and what they meant to each other in preparation for their own books. In many ways, it was important to create their backstories so they would relate to each other consistently as real people throughout the series. My challenge was to figure out a way to divulge enough so you’d be interested in them, but not so much that you couldn’t wait for their full story.

One final thought for the week: Jace has a big trauma to deal with in the book. It’s been on my mind for years, because something similar happened to a musician friend of mine (no one famous). If you haven’t read the book yet, you won’t know what I’m talking about. Once you do, know that a lot of the inspiration for what he was thinking and feeling – the conflict, the anger, the departure from his happy-go-lucky self – are from what I witnessed. No one handles things the same way, but I hope you love how Jace resolves it!

Kaylene Winter

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