First Crush

My first “rock star” crush was Shawn Cassidy. He personified everything I wanted in a guy at that age: long, golden floppy hair, bright toothy smile, tight jeans, a sweet demeanor. I didn’t really know much about boys, but I knew I liked him.

David Lee Roth

By my teens, I graduated to David Lee Roth – still the long blond hair but this version of rock perfection wore assless chaps, spandex and paraded around the stage like sex personified. I loved him so much, Van Halen posters literally wallpapered my walls (yes, I still have them).

Teenage Fantasy

Around that time was when my first germ of an idea for Tyson Rainier took root. In my teenage fantasy, me and my friends met a band and all of the band members fell in love with each of us one by one. Sound familiar? It is now known, in the world of contemporary romance, as “Rock Star Romance” and the trope of my first series beginning with Endless.

Rock Stars

As release date approaches, I thought I’d ponder why so many women dream about rock stars. Why are women willing to do anything to meet them? Why does the thought of a gorgeous musician writing a song about us make us swoon? Why is the ultimate fantasy to have a famous rock god fall in love with us?

Rock Star Romance

All I know is that my absolute FAVORITE romance books are always about the rock stars. Even after I’ve travelled with them in vans, herded them like cats to get to a show on time and have watched them go through terrible personal traumas and addictions. None of the “realities” compare to a good old fashioned fantasy.

Kaylene Winter

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