Hey everyone, hope your summer is off to a great start. My husband surprised me with a quick trip to Maui for our 18th wedding anniversary, which was special because that’s where we got married! We are so fortunate to have a good friend who let us stay at his house. Our beachfront anniversary dinner was spectacular.

My husband is my favorite person. For many reasons. Not only is he handsome and charming with a rogue Irish accent, but he’s funny and generous and loyal. He’s strong, has a huge heart and protects me with everything he has. We have been through a lot over the past decades, from owning businesses together to losing parents to traveling the world. There’s no one I’d rather go through life with.

Honestly, there is a little bit of him in every one of my male characters. From a phrase to a gesture to a character trait.

Which brings me to….TIMELESS! It’s with my editor right now!

Next week I’m going to share a TON of dates for you to mark on your calendar, this week I thought I’d bring back some blind items for you to try to guess.

BLIND ITEMS – Production Crew

One of my jobs back in the day was working production at big stadium events. I got to do a lot of weird and fun jobs – see if you can guess!

BI1: This 90’s solo artist was known for his ballads, remakes of classic R&B songs and gorgeous hair (as well as celebrity actress wives). Hands down, the nicest most courteous performer I’ve ever seen. He hung out with the production crew. His entire touring team were wonderful. He smiled and joked. And, he was actually really great live!

BI2: This metal band, who were most popular in the late 70’s/80’s, were from another country. They had a ton of hits in the early 80’s and were on MTV quite a bit. They also skewed a bit older than a lot of the other bands on the channel. My job was to guard the dressing room at the Seattle Coliseum, to keep the scantily clad groupies at bay. Hands down, the most aggressive ladies I’ve ever seen at a show. Thwarting their efforts had to sting a bit…

BI3: This extremely (still!) sexy solo rocker did something that wasn’t sexy at all. He acted like a complete and total diva. He was the opening act for a much bigger band (at the time), but the Seattle Coliseum only sold about three thousand tickets out of a seventeen-thousand seat venue. After two songs, he stormed off stage. After the shows, one of my glamorous jobs was to collect all of the towels from the stage and the dressing rooms and put them in giant laundry bags. I saved this guy’s room for last. When I went to pick up the last towel, which was in the shower area, I discovered it was covering a pile of poop. He didn’t have a dog with him…

On that note, I’ll bid adieu for this week.

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