I’m back!

I’ve been in a “writing cave” for the past couple of weeks finishing up my first draft of FEARLESS, Connor and Ronni’s story.

What is really a fun part of the writing process is how characters evolve. You think you “know” them and then they go off and do something you didn’t expect. I can’t explain it, other than when you’re in the zone and you connect with your characters, they speak to you. Their dialogue flows. Their interactions make complete sense.

I’ll give you a couple of hints:

  • Connor’s parent’s are from Northern Ireland.
  • Ronni was a child actor.
  • Connor had to step up and help his family at an early age.
  • Ronni’s experience on her first television set was less than ideal.
  • Their first meeting is based on a dare.
  • The first chapter should shock your pants off if I’ve done my job right.


My biggest surprise is my holiday gift to you – hoping by New Year’s (if not sooner). If you are on my mailing list, you’ll receive a new novella – a prequel to all of the LTZ novels – this one about Connor and Ronni.


  • She’s a ballerina.
  • He’s a budding rock star.
  • Their love story is beautiful.
  • And tragic.
  • Plus, you’ll find out why he’s such a meddling grandma (Zoey’s words, not mine)

I cannot wait you guys! I think (hope) Carter will be somewhat redeemed!!!


Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Tylor Paige and provide you with a link to the first novel in her You & Me series – It’s called MISSING YOU, MISSING ME.

Cleo is good at two things: stealing the spotlight and always making the wrong decisions. From bad tattoos to a sudden elopement, Cleo is a mess who can’t help but be loved from everyone around her. Except for the one that matters, her husband.

Ethan is hurt beyond measure. Leaving home after losing his best friend and brother, he joined a band and traveled the world looking for someone to love his damaged soul. Turning to girls who can’t love and drugs that make him hate himself, Ethan is just as lost as Cleo is.

Forced to work together for a summer tour, Cleo and Ethan discover the old flame isn’t completely snuffed out. However, she can’t let go of her husband, and Ethan can’t let go of her.

– You can get it here:


Kaylene Winter

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