Holy crap you guys, are you ready???

I’m so excited to present you with the TIMELESS cover reveal featuring the gorgeous, sweet, bad-ass Enrico Ravenna as Zane Rocks, LTZ’s prodigy guitar hero.


This is a new feature, where I’ll tell you a little bit about my thought process in writing. Obviously, today is all about TIMELESS.

TIMELESS is the first book I wrote AFTER I met the model for my character, in this case Enrico. When we did the first photo shoot in Minnesota back in February, RESTLESS had just come out offering the first “insight” into Zane’s back story. Sure, you get little snippets of him from ENDLESS and the other books in the series, but I very deliberately kept Zane a little mysterious.

Anyway, back in February, I had a fairly good outline of TIMELESS and who Zane was as a person. Sweet. Considerate. Energetic. Passionate. Confident. The question was, how did he get there considering how tenuous his relationship was with Carter, his addict father?

I also knew who Fiona was, she’s an homage to every rocker girl I ever knew. Strong-willed. Feisty. Sensitive. A little damaged but trying her damnedness to hide it…or maybe, overcome it.

In RESTLESS, I also dropped a couple of little hints about Zane and Fiona. Their moms were BFF’s. They talked about how cute it would be if their kids grew up to get married. And then later, Zane looks at an old photograph when he goes to live with Carter…

That’s when it hit me. The perfect way to tie in Zane’s disconnection from Carter, and how to address the years Carter missed during the height of his addiction. Ultimately, TIMELESS is a childhood-friends-to-lovers coming-of-age romance (wow, that’s a mouthful) but it’s also an exploration of family, and what it means to be a family. How family dynamics play into the decisions you make, not only as a kid, but as a new adult. Or, a more mature adult.

Back to  Zane, though. I mentioned I hadn’t met Enrico, and I’m SOOO glad that I did before I wrote “his” book. Enrico is not only a well-known model and actor, but he’s a licensed private detective, a former professional cyclist, and is a master in Krav Maga. We talked extensively about it in Minnesota, and I wanted to work it into Zane’s story so I did. I hope you love this little nod to Enrico.

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Kaylene Winter

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